North Coast Regional Botanic Garden

North Coast
Regional Botanic

Main Path

The Main Path takes the visitor through the centre of the Garden, starting at the Cafe at the southern end and finishing in the north at Japan Lake. It is an ideal walk to get an idea of the extent of the Garden and how our 20 hectares have been utilised. Ample signage is provided along the Main Path to help orientate people new to the Garden. However, you might find it useful to refer to one of the leaflets showing the relationship between the Garden sections and Walking paths.

All sections of the Garden can be accessed from this wide paved road. Beyond the Prime Display Area, the Main Path separates the drier bushland to the west and the wetter swampland to the east. Visitors can see at a glance the difference in vegetation between the two. The Nature Trail leads off to the west and rejoins the Main Path near the Sensory Garden.

The Main Path borders the Rare and Endangered plants section, Rainforest Proteaceae, Sensory Garden, Glasshouses, and passes into the Exotic (Non-Australian) collections in the east and the Eastern Australian Flora to the west. It is an easy level walk, with seats placed along its length. Koalas are frequently seen in this area, and many birds, including the wonga pigeon.