North Coast Regional Botanic Garden

North Coast
Regional Botanic

Prime Display Area

The Prime Display Area (PDA) covers about 1 hectare and is a miniature botanic garden providing a window on the variety of plants in our Garden. The main path starts here and leads to all the main areas of the Garden. The Pavilion and grassy areas are a popular spot for picnics, weddings, concerts and other recreational activities.

Opposite the Garden Cafe, a large pond provides safe habitats for reptiles, fish and water birds. Look in the garden beds in this area for a resident satin bowerbird, which has built bowers in the PDA for many years.  A tall traveller’s palm is an outstanding feature next to the pond. A pergola walk is draped with orange trumpet vine and the showy Australia Fraser Island Vine (Tecomanthe) . Gardens to either side of the pergola display a variety of native and exotic species. Walk through the pergolas and towards the Mangrove boardwalk to discover a fine colourful display of tropical rhododendrons (vireyas).

Between the Pavilion area and the main path there are bush tucker and Australian native plants including pandanus, walking stick palms, Bangalow palms and a midginberry shrub. Near to the natural forest, there is a display of azaleas and hydrangeas; and a fine display of rare Swamp Orchids (Phaius australis and Phaius tancarvilleae).