North Coast Regional Botanic Garden

North Coast
Regional Botanic

Japanese Friendship Garden

Our Japanese section is designed to represent a “microcosm of nature” and not build elements into the design that wouldn’t be found in a natural area. Thus a waterfall may become part of the design but not a fountain.

It is a retreat from the outside world, a place for reflection and contemplation. Built with the advice and recommendations from the gardeners of the Botanic Gardens in Sasebo, our sister city, it encompasses the elements of Shakkei (borrowed scenery) appropriate rock emplacements, and buildings built with traditional techniques.

Plantings include Japanese maples, Sasanqua Camellias, and a range of various grasses from the dainty Baby Panda Bamboo to the lofty Golden Bamboo on the island in the lake. The conifer family is also well represented with cypresses, junipers and the most unusual Umbrella Pine whose needles radiate like the ribs of an umbrella.

The Children’s Labyrinth is a great favourite for children exploring their world.

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